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Economic crime and ethics abuse affects everyone in measurable ways not least of all by draining economies and increasing the costs of living for ordinary consumers.

Economic crime contributes to joblessness and deprives the government of much needed revenue to fund grass roots projects and infrastructure development.

High levels of bribery and corruption along with economic crime in a country creates a negative image in the eyes of the international community and discourages investment leading to further job losses. Higher levels of unemployment lead to higher levels of petty crime and violent crimes.

Of course, we are living in a global village. In any business, accurate and timely intelligence is vital. Whether you are preparing a business plan or marketing strategy, choosing a partner, launching a new product, restructuring your business - for any type of strategic or tactical move, you need reliable information.

Unfortunately, many look for quick-fix solutions, and view research as merely surfing the web, or glancing through a balance sheet. But, strategies based on insufficient or inaccurate information can lead to expensive mistakes, sometimes threatening the survival of the company itself. As they say, penny-wise can be pound-foolish.

Today, leading corporations the world over, realize the value of quality research and information. They know that being better informed gives them an edge in the increasingly competitive marketplace.